This Land is Whose Land? (Part 2)

“Today’s version of private property is a moderate position,” asserts Prof. Harvey Jacobs. Americans are not free to do whatever they want with their land, but the question of exactly what they can do is never settled. Climate change may be the latest disruption that redefines our relationship to land. By Harvey M. Jacobs This isContinue reading “This Land is Whose Land? (Part 2)”

It’s OK to Reject Critical Race Theory

My fellow liberals: It’s okay to say you don’t accept critical race theory. It really is. I call myself a moderate these days, but truth be told, I still meet most of the liberal litmus tests. I’m pro-choice, pro-labor and pro-environment. I think climate change is an existential threat as are Donald Trump and RonContinue reading “It’s OK to Reject Critical Race Theory”

On the Hard Woods With Joe Grump

It’s March Madness. You know what’s really madness? Not paying the players. This is another in an occasional Sunday series with our sports columnist, Joe Grump. Joe scours the sports pages and then pummels you with his insights. It’s best just to nod in silent agreement. If you engage, it will only encourage him. ByContinue reading “On the Hard Woods With Joe Grump”

More Full-Time Pols? Really?

If you live in Madison, on your April ballot you’ll find a series of questions about the makeup of the city council.  These are advisory questions only. Any changes would have to be approved by the council in separate action and some would require approval in another referendum, which would be binding. The questions springContinue reading “More Full-Time Pols? Really?”