The Wrong Kind of Social Distancing

We’re separating ourselves, even more than previously thought, by our political beliefs. This only deepens our divides. My neighborhood on the near west side of Madison is replete with yard signs. In the fall we had just about every variation of a Joe Biden sign you could imagine and many remain, now in the snow,Continue reading “The Wrong Kind of Social Distancing”

Who Are You Callin’ a Girl?

In the debate over transgender biological boys participating as girls in sports, just leave in place the sensible WIAA policies. Legislation at the federal or state level just plays to the culture wars. This dustup illustrates what’s wrong with a zealous ideological approach to any issue. So here’s the question and it’s an interesting one:Continue reading “Who Are You Callin’ a Girl?”

Around the Horn With Joe Grump

Baseball’s owners and players are screwing up the game. Our baseball commentator, Joe Grump, tells it like it is. It’s time for baseball! Now and then during the season we’ll be checking in with our in-house baseball analyst Joe Grump. Like you, Joe reads the sports pages and forms his opinions faster than Tinker toContinue reading “Around the Horn With Joe Grump”

Cancel Culture Is Real

The first time I heard the phrase “cancel culture” it came from Barack Obama. In an interview in late 2019, Obama said, “This idea of purity and you’re never compromised and you’re always politically ‘woke’ and all that stuff. You should get over that quickly. “The world is messy; there are ambiguities,” he continued. “PeopleContinue reading “Cancel Culture Is Real”