Enough With the Flags Already

Pretty soon we’re going to need longer flag polls. June seems to be the month of flags. Yesterday, Madison raised a transgender flag (I didn’t even know there was a transgender flag) on its Municipal Building flag pole. The mayor gave a speech. Earlier this month Gov. Tony Evers raised the rainbow flag over theContinue reading “Enough With the Flags Already”

The PGA Sells Out

Jamal Khashoggi, a Virginia resident and columnist for the Washington Post who frequently criticized Saudi Arabia’s leaders, went to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul one day to get papers for his upcoming wedding. While inside the consulate he was strangled by Saudi agents and then his body was dismembered. U.S. intelligence agencies believe that theContinue reading “The PGA Sells Out”

Will the GOP Just Fade Away?

Wall Street Journal columnist and former Reagan speech writer Peggy Noonan had a provocative take on the future of the Republican Party in her piece last week. She suggested that, if Donald Trump wins a third nomination, the party will disintegrate. It won’t be the end of the Republican Party as we have known it,Continue reading “Will the GOP Just Fade Away?”

Was It Right to Walk to Stop Walker?

Twelve years ago 14 Democratic senators bolted from the Wisconsin capital to deny majority Republicans a quorum. The legislation they were trying to block, or at least slow down, eventually was forced through without them and became Act 10, which pretty much shut down public employee unions in the state. At the time I supportedContinue reading “Was It Right to Walk to Stop Walker?”

Hard-Right Weakens Itself

Credit the Democrats. They were the adult party in the room. Despite a substantial part of the hard-left in the party (including sadly, but not surprisingly, my own congressman) that voted against the deal, there was never any question that the Democrats would assure the votes to keep us out of default. Moderate Republicans alsoContinue reading “Hard-Right Weakens Itself”

Deal Strengthens the Middle

Maybe some day Annie Kuster will be as much a household name as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Rep. Kuster (D-New Hampshire) is a leader in the New Democrat Coalition, a group of moderate Democrats that has announced its early support for the budget deal between Pres. Joe Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy that would avert aContinue reading “Deal Strengthens the Middle”