Is the Red Wave Back On?

With a little more than a month to go before the mid-terms, many analysts have decided that the Republican wave election expected just a few weeks ago has now been called off. CNN commentator Chris Cillizza posted this late yesterday: Republican groups are increasingly hyper-focusing their resources on the several dozen races that hold theContinue reading “Is the Red Wave Back On?”

Where is Jeffrey Copeland?

There is a story in this morning’s Wisconsin State Journal that highlights three things that are wrong with the Madison School District. The story was about new Sennett Middle School principal Jeffrey Copeland, who lasted there only a few weeks. Copeland was placed on administrative leave on September 13th and he left the district altogetherContinue reading “Where is Jeffrey Copeland?”

Student Debt Cancellation Challenged

In what was an inevitable move, Pres. Joe Biden’s plan to unilaterally cancel up to $20,000 in student debt, costing taxpayers around a half-trillion dollars overall, is being challenged in federal court. The conservative Pacific Legal Foundation is bringing a suit in the federal district court for southern Indiana, arguing that Biden’s use of theContinue reading “Student Debt Cancellation Challenged”

Keep Line 5 Where It Is

There’s no better example of intractable sides stubbornly ignoring an obvious solution than the Line 5 debate in northern Wisconsin. Here’s the background. Line 5 is a petroleum pipeline owned by Enbridge, a Canadien company. The line runs from Superior across northern Wisconsin into the UP, through the Straits of Mackinac and down to theContinue reading “Keep Line 5 Where It Is”

Midwest: The Tightening of the Stands

First off, my closing words on Friday were advice on how to enjoy your weekend: don’t watch the Badgers play football on Saturday. Was I right or was I right? Now, throat cleared, I want to write about something more cheerful and profound: the annual tightening of the stands. This is the literal opposite ofContinue reading “Midwest: The Tightening of the Stands”

$1k For City Workers is a Terrible Idea

In Madison no bad idea ever really dies. Earlier this year Dane County Executive Joe Parisi proposed a one time $1,000 payment to every county employee to soften the blow of inflation. That proposal went down in flames before a very liberal County Board. I like Parisi. I think he’s a good guy and goodContinue reading “$1k For City Workers is a Terrible Idea”

What if it Comes Down to Independents?

Independent voters could decide the November elections. So, why is Tim Michels moving hard right? Wisconsin is pretty much equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, so a common strategy for both parties is to turn out their base voters. Earlier this summer Democrats were despondent and Republicans were energized. Polls showed a big enthusiasm gapContinue reading “What if it Comes Down to Independents?”

Using People As Pawns

People aren’t pawns. At least they shouldn’t be, but they are right now. I’m referring to the immigrants being shipped like parcels from Arizona, Texas and Florida to Manhattan, Martha’s Vineyard and Washington, DC. Hard-right Republican governors in those states are using human beings to score political points. The immigrants are unwilling foot soldiers inContinue reading “Using People As Pawns”