Midwest: So Long, Iowa

The Democrats have abandoned Iowa. The party leadership, at the urging of Pres. Joe Biden, has kicked the Hawkeyes to the curb, replacing their caucus with South Carolina’s primary as their first contest in the race for the party’s presidential nomination. Strictly speaking, this is probably just symbolic. In the 10 meaningful caucuses since 1972,Continue reading “Midwest: So Long, Iowa”

Copeland is Back, But Where’s Jenkins?

Let’s start by giving the Madison School Board credit for voting unanimously to reinstate Sennett Middle School Principal Jeffrey Copeland in a special meeting last night. Copeland, in his brief tenure at the school in September, had quickly won the respect of teachers and parents and probably students for setting high standards, backing up teachersContinue reading “Copeland is Back, But Where’s Jenkins?”

Weak Start For Reyes

Yesterday Madison mayoral candidate Gloria Reyes made her first detailed pitch to voters in a Sunday oped in the Wisconsin State Journal. It left a whole lot to be desired. Reyes focussed her entire column on public safety. On one level that makes some sense as she’s a former cop, she oversaw the Police DepartmentContinue reading “Weak Start For Reyes”

The Next Crucial Election

I know. You wish you lived in Georgia so that you could be enjoying another three weeks of nonstop political ads.  But don’t despair. Another election is just around the corner and you can be sure that you will receive breathless emails and mailers telling you that this will be the most consequential election ofContinue reading “The Next Crucial Election”