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BRT Gets Madisoned

Do we really have to be all “Madison” about this, people?  The city is on the verge of doing something historic. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will be the biggest improvement in urban mobility in these parts in at least a couple of generations. The high comfort, high frequency, limited-stop system will compete well versus carContinue reading “BRT Gets Madisoned”

Pic of the Day/ A Plant

A bee hovers above a… plant of some kind… on Bluff Creek, Upper Peninsula. I worked for The Nature Conservancy, but it was in government relations. So, somebody help me out here. What kind of plant is that?

Vos Misreads Me

Well, I suppose I should at least thank Speaker Robin Vos for reading my stuff. But if the Speaker thinks that my criticisms of Gov. Tony Evers are going to help him defeat Evers in the November, 2022 general election, he’s wrong. Here’s what Vos said according to a story yesterday in the Milwaukee JournalContinue reading “Vos Misreads Me”

Pic of the Day/HOR #18

Looking down the 18th fairway at the House on the Rock course near Spring Green. Designed by Robert Trent Jones (with another nine by Andy North), it’s my favorite course.

The Practical Idealist

In my youth I was an idealist. To use a baseball analogy, I wanted to swing for the fences. Now, I’ll take a walk, a single, a bunt and a sacrifice fly. One method is more dramatic than the other, but it’s still one run. Last week I wrote a column on crime, cleverly titled,Continue reading “The Practical Idealist”

Pic of the Day/The Big Cob

How Wisconsin is this? A Harley parked in front of the giant corn cob at Peck’s Farm Market on Hwy 14 just east of Spring Green late Sunday afternoon.

Pic of the Day/Odana

The Odana Hills Club House. Classic mid-century. Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player all took showers here. Don’t tear it down. Renovate it. Expand it if you must, but keep that Man Men vibe.

The Need to Take on Vos

We can’t let Robin Vos lock in Republican majorities for another decade. That’s why Gov. Tony Evers needed to veto the budget and insist on a fair maps commission. On Monday I wrote a letter to the editor in the Wisconsin State Journal, in which I made the case that Evers should have vetoed theContinue reading “The Need to Take on Vos”

Pic of the Day/Duck Lake Sunset

Sunset on Duck Lake. Note the object in the sky to the right. This is probably an alien space craft. Unless it was a spot of water on my lens. You choose.

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