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What if it Comes Down to Independents?

Independent voters could decide the November elections. So, why is Tim Michels moving hard right? Wisconsin is pretty much equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, so a common strategy for both parties is to turn out their base voters. Earlier this summer Democrats were despondent and Republicans were energized. Polls showed a big enthusiasm gapContinue reading “What if it Comes Down to Independents?”

Using People As Pawns

People aren’t pawns. At least they shouldn’t be, but they are right now. I’m referring to the immigrants being shipped like parcels from Arizona, Texas and Florida to Manhattan, Martha’s Vineyard and Washington, DC. Hard-right Republican governors in those states are using human beings to score political points. The immigrants are unwilling foot soldiers inContinue reading “Using People As Pawns”

The Unforgiving Hard-Left

Madison Ald. Gary Halverson resigned last night. He probably made the right decision for his family, but the whole awful episode says worse things about the hard-left than it does about Halverson. Here’s the story. In 2020, before he was on the Council and before the January 6, 2021 Insurrection, Halverson joined the Oath Keepers,Continue reading “The Unforgiving Hard-Left”

Madison’s Public Market Might Have Checked Out

Madison is building or will soon begin construction on a lot of stuff: major projects at the public high schools, bus rapid transit, a new men’s shelter, a jail consolidation, and more.  And all that building is happening at a time when construction costs are increasing rapidly. It’s probably time to make some hard choicesContinue reading “Madison’s Public Market Might Have Checked Out”

Wait ’til Wednesday

In a couple of days the new Marquette poll comes out. That will be the biggest day in this election cycle, perhaps until election day itself. For me, these are the big questions to be answered: Has RoJo made any headway? Mandela Barnes took a significant seven point lead over Ron Johnson in the lastContinue reading “Wait ’til Wednesday”

None Of It Matters Much

To hear Republicans tell it, we need ever-increasing hurdles to cast a ballot to prevent rampant voter fraud (which apparently only hurts Republican candidates.) To hear the Democrats tell it, the Republicans have imposed the equivalent of poll taxes and literacy tests. None of that is true. In fact, all this sound and fury overContinue reading “None Of It Matters Much”

Not So Sweet

UW Madison history professor James Sweet should have known what was coming. Sweet, who is also the current President of the American History Association, wrote a much needed essay in the AHA publication about the dangers of “presentism”, that is the tendency to apply present day perspectives and values to historic events. Predictably, the academyContinue reading “Not So Sweet”

On the Merits

On Labor Day, when we should be celebrating the fruits of diligence, hard work and just showing up on time, I had the good fortune of stumbling across a piece on the merits of merit in, of all places, the New York Times. The guest essay is by Asra Nomani, a woman who came toContinue reading “On the Merits”

The Invisible Workforce

On Labor Day weekend, here’s a question that hard-left Democrats need to ask themselves: If they’re so pro-worker how come workers have been abandoning them in droves? Once the blue collar party, Democrats are fast becoming the party of college-educated, relatively affluent, white collar workers who live in big cities and college towns. And yet,Continue reading “The Invisible Workforce”

RoJo Misfires Again

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson shouldn’t be desperate for issues on which to attack his Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes. But he sure looks desperate now. Johnson is going after Barnes for using a lot of security in his first three years in office. And, in fact, Barnes has rung up over $600,000 in securityContinue reading “RoJo Misfires Again”

The Land of Misfit Toys

The other day David Blaska’s lawsuit was settled, but Blaska won his war back in May. Blaska and the conservative nonprofit law firm WILL went after the Madison City Council for requiring that its new Police Oversight Board be made up of various racial and gender identity groups most definitely not including straight white guys,Continue reading “The Land of Misfit Toys”

MKE, Nuremberg & the GOP

In normal times I’d welcome Republicans to Wisconsin for their national convention in 2024. But this isn’t my father’s Republican Party. It isn’t even my older brother-in-law’s GOP.  The Republican National Committee has now officially chosen Milwaukee for its next confab, which had been a foregone conclusion since its rival, Nashville, balked at approving aContinue reading “MKE, Nuremberg & the GOP”

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