The Trouble With Nonprofits

A few days ago, I wrote about “progressophobia,” a term coined by Harvard linguistics Prof. Steven Pinker to describe the left’s reluctance to acknowledge its own successes. I thought that Bill Maher had done a brilliant job of explaining how that was playing out in politics and popular culture. But, to be fair, it’s notContinue reading “The Trouble With Nonprofits”

It’s Time to Drop the Masks, Madison

I am the furthest thing from a COVID denier, but continued mask wearing in Madison is just another form of liberal virtue signaling. I split my time between our place in the North Woods and our condo on the Near West Side. For virtually all of the pandemic I was frustrated with my Upper PeninsulaContinue reading “It’s Time to Drop the Masks, Madison”


I have mixed feelings about comedian Bill Maher. But he got it dead right about the way the hard-left refuses to deal with the reality of progress on social issues. On the one hand, Maher almost perfectly captures my own politics: liberal, but willing to take on political correctness when it’s called for. On theContinue reading “Progressophobia”

What Biden Can Get Done

Democrats are growing anxious over their stalled agenda. There’s actually a lot they can still accomplish. If you had told me a year ago that Joe Biden would be President, that the Democrats would control Congress and that, in his first year, Biden would reduce child poverty by half, I would have been giddy. That’sContinue reading “What Biden Can Get Done”

What’s Become of the ACLU?

Liberals are leaving the First Amendment behind. An organization I once revered is no longer recognizable. It’s an analogy for the growing split between my generation of liberals and the new hard-left. The American Civil Liberties Union was the first nonprofit I joined. I was 17 or 18-years old and the editorial director for myContinue reading “What’s Become of the ACLU?”