Dems Over-react on Drop Box Ruling

Remember the bad old days of Jim Crow Wisconsin? In that deeply oppressive environment voters were forced to cast their ballots in person at a limited number of polling places during a single 13 hour period. On a Tuesday! When people had to work! And if a voter wanted to cast a ballot by mailContinue reading “Dems Over-react on Drop Box Ruling”

It’s OK to Lie, Just Not About Vos

It’s okay to spread lies and disinformation and to just generally be bat-shit crazy and still be a member in good standing of the Wisconsin Assembly’s Republican caucus. Just don’t lie about the Speaker. That’s the message that Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has sent about one of his nuttiest members, Rep. Timothy Ranthum of Camblesport.Continue reading “It’s OK to Lie, Just Not About Vos”

It’s Time for Left-Center to Get Organized

In the year that I’ve been writing YSDA I’ve been contacted by a number of people who lament their lack of political choices, particularly at the local level. They’re not imagining things. Only four candidates have shown up to run for three seats — two without incumbents — on the Madison School Board. That’s justContinue reading “It’s Time for Left-Center to Get Organized”

I’m For Free Speech

Let’s hear it for Becca Meltz. Meltz chairs the College Republicans of UW-Madison. When she was contacted for comment about the scheduled appearance on campus next week of 1619 Project author Nikole Hannah-Jones, Meltz said the group has always been and will continue to be advocates for free speech. Students should have the opportunity toContinue reading “I’m For Free Speech”

MLK and Thinking For Ourselves

To my knowledge, I’ve never quoted Martin Luther King. I’ve also never quoted Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Bobby or John Kennedy, all men I admire just like King. In fact, outside of the occasional quip (quips are timeless), I pretty much try never to quote any historic figure. Here’s my problem with quoting quotable people:Continue reading “MLK and Thinking For Ourselves”

Biden’s Bad Choices

Good Sunday morning. It’s chilly out there. Today we’re going to hear from Ross Douthat, a right-center columnist for the New York Times. And let me pause here and put in a word for the good old Times. The paper’s snobby, condescending coastalness and obsession with the latest fashions in affluent white liberal thought oftenContinue reading “Biden’s Bad Choices”

Opt-Outs: Another Reason to Pay the Players

This week I did something I promised myself I wouldn’t do: I watched the college football national championship game. The game featured two teams from adjacent states, neither of which owns a single snow plow between them. Teams that had sat near the top of the rankings all season and might as well have beenContinue reading “Opt-Outs: Another Reason to Pay the Players”

It’s Time For Bunny Rabbits and Ice Cream

Here’s what Pres. Joe Biden’s press secretary said yesterday about his troubles getting his legislation through Congress: “You do hard things in White Houses, You have every challenge laid at your feet, whether it’s global or domestically. And we could certainly propose legislation to see if people support bunny rabbits and ice cream, but thatContinue reading “It’s Time For Bunny Rabbits and Ice Cream”

Madison Needs More Black People

Yesterday, Milwaukee’s new mayor Cavalier Johnson announced a comprehensive plan to reduce gun violence and reckless driving in his city. Over 200 people were murdered in Milwaukee last year and 65 were killed as a result of traffic crashes. One of Johnson’s initiatives is to maintain Milwaukee’s current police staffing strength. That’s important because 180Continue reading “Madison Needs More Black People”