Scott Walker Still Runs the PSC

He’s been out of office for almost three years, but former Gov. Scott Walker is still making decisions about utilities in Wisconsin. He’s able to do that because Gov. Tony Evers has made sure of it. Last week the state’s Public Service Commission denied funding to the Village of Cambridge, in eastern Dane County, toContinue reading “Scott Walker Still Runs the PSC”

UW and Blank Look Silly

My alma mater is looking foolish. In the last few years the UW administration, led by Chancellor Rebecca Blank, has made three decisions that are now coming back to haunt them. They sifted and winnowed and somehow still managed to miss the truth. Or, more accurately, they knew the truth and chose to ignore itContinue reading “UW and Blank Look Silly”

What If It’s Not All About Race?

The racial achievement gap in the Madison school district, like most others across the country, has long been a topic of discussion, a flurry of programs and lots of public and private investment, all with a notable lack of success. But what if we’re trying to solve the wrong problem? It is a matter ofContinue reading “What If It’s Not All About Race?”

Biden is Right on the Border

Pres. Joe Biden is making the hard, but correct, call on Haitian refugees and others camped near Del Rio, Texas. What is the greatest threat to liberal democracy in the world? Far-right populism. And what is driving far-right populism more than anything else? Immigration. More accurately, not so much the normal, regularized immigration between nations,Continue reading “Biden is Right on the Border”