Bipartisan Push For Moderation

A bipartisan group of Wisconsin legislators has introduced a proposal to push both parties toward moderation. It’s a good start. It’s no accident that two of the ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump were from Washington State. Washington is one of a few states that has reformed its primary system in aContinue reading “Bipartisan Push For Moderation”

Diversity of Experience

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-South Carolina) is fast becoming one of my favorite political leaders. Now, he’s advising Pres. Joe Biden to make a ground-breaking choice (in more ways than one) for the Supreme Court. It was Clyburn who saved the Biden campaign from oblivion in the South Carolina primary, propelling him to his party’s nomination.Continue reading “Diversity of Experience”

Bipartisan Conservation Succeeds

Over 600,000 acres in Wisconsin have been protected for hikers, bikers, hunters, birders, researchers and more. It happened because Democrats and Republicans worked together. This is another in an occasional series of guest blogs by a distinguished group of contributors. By Spencer Black It’s hard to find rays of sunshine amidst the dark clouds ofContinue reading “Bipartisan Conservation Succeeds”

Limbaugh’s Audience

When considering the impact of radio host Rush Limbaugh, who passed away yesterday, it’s important to check our hypocrisy. For many years Madison had a left-leaning shock jock. He was essentially a liberal Limbaugh. Among many other outrageous statements, he once suggested that a Madison alderwoman be raped in a stairwell. And, yet, when heContinue reading “Limbaugh’s Audience”

The Perplexing Tony Evers

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers introduced his second biennial budget yesterday. Is there any strategic thinking that goes on in his office? Evers’ budget was filled with Democratic wish list items, every one of which is surely to be dispatched swiftly by legislative Republicans without so much as a hearing. Legalizing marijuana, increasing the UW budgetContinue reading “The Perplexing Tony Evers”

Is There Too Much Regulation?

By Harvey M. Jacobs This is the second in an occasional series on environmental issues from emeritus University of Wisconsin Prof. Harvey Jacobs. The first was titled Searching for a Responsible Localism, and posted on February 2nd. Conservatives complain that liberals never met an issue they didn’t want to regulate.  This complaint applies to issuesContinue reading “Is There Too Much Regulation?”