YouTube Should Allow Johnson To Be An Idiot

I make no secret of my contempt for Sen. Ron Johnson. He’s a fool, and a humorless one at that. But YouTube was wrong to censor him. The other day YouTube blocked a video of Johnson’s June 3rd appearance at the Milwaukee Press Club in which he criticized the Trump and Biden administrations for, “notContinue reading “YouTube Should Allow Johnson To Be An Idiot”

Republicans, Help Me Out Here

Sometimes I wonder why I’m still a Democrat. Then the Republicans remind me. In just the last few days, legislative Republicans have debated or passed bills or motions that would do the following: Short-change education funding to the extent that they are risking losing $2.3 billion in Federal funding under the COVID relief bill. ProhibitContinue reading “Republicans, Help Me Out Here”

Good News From Virginia

In a sign that the Democratic Party might continue in a pragmatic fashion, former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe easily won his party’s primary on Tuesday. This bodes well for 2022. McAuliffe, who was prohibited by law from seeking a second consecutive term but who was free to run again after sitting out for awhile, bestedContinue reading “Good News From Virginia”

Immune From Reality

Over 500 colleges and universities will require students to be vaccinated before showing up on campus this fall. But not the University of Wisconsin. That has to change. Marquette, the state’s largest private school, joined Beloit College and Lawrence University yesterday. Nationwide, the list is growing fast. In April, only about a dozen schools wereContinue reading “Immune From Reality”

Sizing Up the Dems

The Wisconsin Democrats are holding their virtual convention this weekend. Let’s take a look at how they’re doing. Let’s start with the reasons for optimism. 1. They’re printing money. In the last cycle Wisconsin Democrats out raised the other guys $23 million to $9 million. That’s a huge reversal of fortune from the days, notContinue reading “Sizing Up the Dems”

Inspector Clouseau is on the Case!

Robin Vos is a nightmare for a columnist. The Republican from Burlington and long-time Assembly speaker never does anything that is in the least bit surprising.  What you’d like, as a writer, is a subject that gives you an opening to explore an angle that is unexpected. In Vos’ case that would be an opportunityContinue reading “Inspector Clouseau is on the Case!”

Don’t Ban Critical Race Theory

It’s no secret that I have a lot of issues with Critical Race Theory, but efforts by state legislatures to prohibit it are a mistake. A fundamental part of being a classical liberal is that we believe in maximum free speech. Let ideas get exposed to lots of healthy debate and the good ones willContinue reading “Don’t Ban Critical Race Theory”