McIntosh Needs to Play a New Game

In what will surely be a nominee for “Least Surprising News Story of 2021”, Chris McIntosh is expected to be elevated from Deputy UW Athletic Director to the top job later on today. The iconic Barry Alvarez, the man with a statue at an entrance to Camp Randall, has expressed his will and now ChancellorContinue reading “McIntosh Needs to Play a New Game”

The Left-Center Resurgence

There is a growing backlash against the hard-left. The left-center is reasserting itself. For the last several years, the intolerant, illiberal hard-left has intimidated politicians, consultants, writers, many corporate leaders, much of the media and virtually all of academia. Not towing the hard-left line could get an editor or a CEO fired, a politician sackedContinue reading “The Left-Center Resurgence”

Paul Ryan Speaks Truth Into the Wind

I wish I could say that former House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke truth to power. But power won’t pay any attention. In a speech Thursday at the Reagan Library he called the Capitol insurrection “dishonorable and disgraceful.” “Once again, we conservatives find ourselves at a crossroads,” Ryan continued. “And here’s the reality that we have to face: If theContinue reading “Paul Ryan Speaks Truth Into the Wind”

Why Afghanistan Is Not Vietnam

On the surface it sounds like the same situation. But there are strong humanitarian and strategic reasons to stay in Afghanistan. Corrupt local officials. Demoralized, under-prepared and poorly led troops. An ambivalent local population. Complicated and ancient feuds where the combatants switch sides and the enemy is hard to define. The situation in Afghanistan soundsContinue reading “Why Afghanistan Is Not Vietnam”

The Presumption of Guilt

Liberals used to care about the rights of the accused. Now, they care more about identity politics. There isn’t much of anything that I agreed with the Trump Administration about, but I think they got at least one thing right. His Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, rolled back Obama era “guidance” (read: “mandate”) to strip thoseContinue reading “The Presumption of Guilt”