Is McCoshen Crazy Enough?

Yesterday, as expected, former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch formally announced her run for governor. She went right for the red meat, praising Donald Trump and promising to hire more cops, ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public schools and — in a creative and bizarre touch — vowing to send the Wisconsin NationalContinue reading “Is McCoshen Crazy Enough?”

Embracing “Inconsistency”

In today’s tribal culture it has become much harder to be an individual. That’s especially true in politics. If you identify as a Republican you need to profess (if not actually believe) that climate change is an overblown hoax, that mask mandates are a blow to fundamental freedoms, that there was widespread fraud in theContinue reading “Embracing “Inconsistency””

Evers Does Right Thing at Wrong Time

Yesterday Gov. Tony Evers announced that he would pardon 71 more people. It was absolutely the right thing to do and absolutely the wrong time to do it. Evers is now on track to pardon more people than any other governor in Wisconsin history. That makes sense since his predecessor, Scott Walker, issued no pardonsContinue reading “Evers Does Right Thing at Wrong Time”

Remembering Megan McGrorty

Running for reelection is no fun. When you run the first time you have no record to attack and there’s the excitement of being new and representing change and the future. But when you run for reelection it’s all about you — and not in a good way. Your opponent spends every minute of everyContinue reading “Remembering Megan McGrorty”

What Liberals Don’t Get About Workers

Let’s start by blaming Thomas Frank. In 2004, before John Kerry lost to George W. Bush, Frank published What’s the Matter With Kansas? What was the matter with Frank’s home state? Voters there were just too dense to understand that the liberals in the Democratic Party had all their answers. Frank’s thesis was that, evenContinue reading “What Liberals Don’t Get About Workers”

The College Athlete Pay Wall Collapses

It’s Labor Day weekend, so let’s celebrate some victories for one of the most obviously exploited groups of workers in America: college athletes. You could see the face of college football changing right there in the Wisconsin starting backfield yesterday when the Badgers played Penn State.  Quarterback Graham Mertz had his own product logo designedContinue reading “The College Athlete Pay Wall Collapses”