Trump Loses Big Time

The biggest loser in Tuesday’s election was Donald Trump and his style of politics. Not only did his endorsed candidates get trounced overall, but it’s entirely possible that his aggressive campaigning in the closing weeks tipped the balance away from his party. Don’t forget that Trump isn’t just a polarizing figure; he’s a polarizing figureContinue reading “Trump Loses Big Time”

Why the Dems Aren’t Blue Today

Yesterday I tacked on a paragraph to the end of my blog offering some hope to my fellow Democrats. I suggested four reasons that the expected Republican wave might not occur. I wasn’t serious. I was just trying to be nice. But it turned out to be prescient in the way that blind squirrels sometimesContinue reading “Why the Dems Aren’t Blue Today”

Let’s Have Lower Turnout

It’s an article of faith among Democrats that high turnout is good for both democracy and them. There’s no evidence to support either claim. This year 40 million votes have already been cast before election day and we’ll likely set a modern day record for midterm turnout. And the result of all that democracy onContinue reading “Let’s Have Lower Turnout”

Alien Parade: Installment 10

We’re going to wrap up this little clambake this weekend. Here’s the penultimate installment of our story. 35. The evidence Sheriff Harold Rhude did not drive Mayor Claire Kornstedt home from the Alien Dance. Instead, after dropping off his wife at their house, they drove up to the county courthouse in the dead of night.Continue reading “Alien Parade: Installment 10”

The Uphill Road For Moderates

Occasionally, a reader will suggest I run for something, usually governor. That happened again last week. I gently suggest they find a quiet place or maybe a twelve step program so that they can reintroduce themselves to reality. I’m not running for anything. But when somebody suggests that, the old pol in me starts twitchingContinue reading “The Uphill Road For Moderates”

Alien Parade: Installment 9

32. Party prep Sam arrived at the school cafeteria at noon to assemble her volunteers and get them decorating for that night’s alien ball. The turnout of volunteers was more than she expected. Everyone who signed up showed up and some brought kids or curious friends. A good sign, thought Sam.  Throughout the afternoon theContinue reading “Alien Parade: Installment 9”

No More Victim Statements

I’m pretty much a law and order guy. Last week I wrote, not for the first time, that we should Lock Up the Bad Guys. But one thing I’ve never liked is the unseemly spectacle of victim statements near the end of murder trials. Under these made-for-television events the family and friends of murder victimsContinue reading “No More Victim Statements”

Alien Parade: Installment 8

30. Lemonade The post lecture party at the Flying Saucer was going nicely. Martin Boyd was holding court with a group of locals near the billiard tables. Pauline was pouring the special one-dollar “alien taps” right and left. Even Sheriff Harold Rhude was having one now that he was off duty. He glanced over atContinue reading “Alien Parade: Installment 8”