We Vax, Rodgers Stays

As new takers for the COVID vaccines decline, it’s time to do stuff that creates incentives for demographic groups that are hesitant. Other states have gotten creative, so why not Wisconsin? Here are some ideas. A vaccine lottery. Ohio just announced “Vax-a-Million”, a special one million dollar lottery drawing for each of the next fiveContinue reading “We Vax, Rodgers Stays”

Lasry, Nelson Pick Up Key Endorsements

My theory on political endorsements is that they generally add up to what John Nance Garner said the vice presidency was worth, which is to say, “a bucket of warm spit.” Well, if you want me to be perfectly accurate about it, FDR’s first VEEP said that the job “wasn’t worth a bucket of warmContinue reading “Lasry, Nelson Pick Up Key Endorsements”

Tom Nelson Might Be the Guy

I had a chance to spend a little time this morning with Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson, one of three announced Democrats to take on sitting Sen. Ron Johnson, assuming he runs again. As the vaccination rate climbs, Nelson feels it’s safe to start venturing out of his garage and basement to make campaign swingsContinue reading “Tom Nelson Might Be the Guy”

The Hard-Left’s Purity Tests

Liz Cheney is standing up to Donald Trump and will likely lose her leadership position, and probably her seat in Congress, because of it. But that’s not good enough for Charles Blow and others in the purity business. Blow is a columnist for the New York Times who vowed to remain red-hot angry for everyContinue reading “The Hard-Left’s Purity Tests”

Liz Cheney’s Profile in Courage

It shouldn’t require massive amounts of political courage to simply acknowledge that a president who lost an election by seven million votes, well, actually lost the election. But it’s a measure of just how far gone the Republican Party is right now that Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming will now almost certainly lose her HouseContinue reading “Liz Cheney’s Profile in Courage”