My Right Not to Read Pence’s Book

Not surprisingly, former Vice President Mike Pence is writing a book. Also not surprisingly these days, the staff at Simon & Schuster are in an uproar about it. But here’s something that really is a surprise: the publishing house’s management is staying the course. Good for them. It has become more or less routine. TheContinue reading “My Right Not to Read Pence’s Book”

Fighting Crime With Jello

Madison is experiencing a record number of shots-fired incidents. City streets and parking lots are littered with shell casings. The Madison City Council is responding with almost a quarter million dollars of poorly targeted programs that will likely do nothing to stem the violence. This week the council voted to spend $225,000 on a bunchContinue reading “Fighting Crime With Jello”

Work Only Brings Dignity When It Pays Enough

Republicans want to end the supplemental $300 per week unemployment benefits. Democrats say it’s not what’s keeping workers from going back to a job. I think they’re both wrong. In Wisconsin, the maximum $370 per-week benefit plus the additional Federal money brings the payment to $670 a week. That’s the equivalent of $16.75 an hourContinue reading “Work Only Brings Dignity When It Pays Enough”

Oh Say, Can You See the Pandering?

A dozen or so Wisconsin Democrats voted for a really stupid bill. They did the right thing. Last week the Wisconsin State Assembly voted 74-22 to require that the national anthem be played before every sporting event at every venue supported by tax dollars. About a dozen Democrats joined the Republicans in voting for itContinue reading “Oh Say, Can You See the Pandering?”

The Hypocrisy of the Hard-Left

Hard-left Democrats are apoplectic about Israeli attacks on Hamas, but they don’t have a thing to say when Islamic militants murder school girls. Last week in Afghanistan, dozens of school girls were killed in an attack that targeted them for the offense of getting an education. You could hear crickets on the left. Later inContinue reading “The Hypocrisy of the Hard-Left”