What I Learned From Harry & Meghan

I freely admit it. I watched the Harry and Meghan show on Netflix. The whole thing. All six episodes. Six bloody hours of the damn thing. A fair question is why? Well, for one thing, we like to kick back with some screen time between Christmas and New Years and we had already watched WhiteContinue reading “What I Learned From Harry & Meghan”

The Year in Good News

It’s tradition in journalism and commentary that everybody needs to write about what a rotten year the previous one has been. But that’s emphasizing the negative. Let’s turn that frown upside down, people! Some really good things happened in 2022. Here’s my list. The Mid-Terms, National. Up until the evening of November 8th I thoughtContinue reading “The Year in Good News”

My Updated Resume

It turns out that Rep.-Elect George Santos of New York padded his resume some. And locally it was reported last week that Oakwood’s CEO resigned it seems in part because, among other things, he claimed to have a doctorate… from a university that doesn’t award doctorates. Some lament this new post-fact era of resume writing,Continue reading “My Updated Resume”

The Annual Christmas Jokes

It’s Christmas Eve. You may be hosting a get-together tonight or tomorrow or sometime over the next week. You’re a delightful host and so, of course, your guests will want to stay into a night that is so deep. But you’re sleepy. What to do? Try Dave’s Christmas jokes! I guarantee that by the secondContinue reading “The Annual Christmas Jokes”

Let’s Retire These Words in ’23

This year has had its share of fashionable words and phrases that have overstayed their welcome, if they were ever welcome in the first place. Here’s my list of language that should be banned starting at midnight on January 1st. Athleticism. I watch my share of sports on TV and I keep hearing that theContinue reading “Let’s Retire These Words in ’23”

Catching Up on Some Stuff

It’s a grab bag today. Honors classes saved. Somewhat to my surprise, the Madison School Board voted last night to keep stand-alone honors classes. Board President Ali Muldrow joined three other members — Chris Gomez Schmidt, Laura Simkin and Nicki Vander Meulen — in voting to maintain the classes. Muldrow also showed leadership earlier thisContinue reading “Catching Up on Some Stuff”