The Voting Rights Mess

If Pres. Joe Biden and Vice Pres. Kamala Harris went down to Georgia yesterday to shoot themselves in the foot, well, mission accomplished. They can hobble around Washington now because they came back weaker than when they left. The campaign swing through Georgia was designed to show their base that the administration is fired upContinue reading “The Voting Rights Mess”

RoJo, Annotated

Yesterday Ron Johnson announced his candidacy for reelection. Did he make his announcement in Wisconsin or in his hometown newspaper at least? Nope. He announced on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal — while decrying “the mainstream media.” Johnson has a way of saying things he doesn’t actually believe. For example, shortly afterContinue reading “RoJo, Annotated”

Dems Misunderstand the Threat

Good Sunday morning. Baby, it’s cold outside. This week we’re going to hear from one of our favorite center-right (but center-left outside of New York or Madison) columnists, David Brooks. I thought Brooks did an exceptionally good job analyzing the Democrats’ voting rights bill. It has no chance of passage, but even if it didContinue reading “Dems Misunderstand the Threat”

Disappointing School Races

Well, so much for that. Despite our repeated urgings here at YSDA, few candidates have stepped up to run for Madison School Board. At yesterday’s filing deadline only four candidates had filed to run for three seats. That means two seats will go uncontested. Four other board seats are not up this year. Board PresidentContinue reading “Disappointing School Races”

An Open Email to Matt LaFleur

Hey, Matt. Congratulations on securing the top seed in the playoffs, man! Just want you to know that I was confident all along. That stuff you may have seen on social media after that opening game bummer against the Saints? That was just me blowing off steam! Plus, I saw the team needed some motivation.Continue reading “An Open Email to Matt LaFleur”