Fair Maps Need Political Hardball

One of the most significant impediments to moderation is gerrymandering. The only sure way to beat that in Wisconsin is for the governor to veto the budget if he doesn’t get a fair redistricting process. The Census Bureau just announced that the data needed to redraw legislative maps won’t be available until September. That’s actuallyContinue reading “Fair Maps Need Political Hardball”

Make It ‘Hank Aaron Field’

Let’s take a break from insurrection, plague and the polar vortex to think about spring and honor. Let’s name the diamond on which the Milwaukee Brewers play baseball “Hank Aaron Field.” People often forget that Aaron, who died on January 22nd, started and finished his major league career in Milwaukee. He played for the MilwaukeeContinue reading “Make It ‘Hank Aaron Field’”

Moderates Reduce Poverty

Tucked safely inside the COVID relief package currently before congress is a provision that would do more to reduce poverty than anything since Medicare. And it will happen because of bipartisanship led by moderates. While we’re focussed on Donald Trump’s impeachment trial (he’ll be acquitted) and who will get another $1,400 from the government (fewerContinue reading “Moderates Reduce Poverty”

The Opportunity For Biden, the Democrats and the Country

In a previous blog, I’ve advocated for compromise with Republicans and a smaller Covid relief package than President Biden’s $1.9 trillion proposal. In this guest blog Harry Peterson makes the case for going big. — Dave Cieslewicz By Harry Peterson FACTS Presidents get credit and blame for things over which they have only modest influence. Continue reading “The Opportunity For Biden, the Democrats and the Country”

The Boss is Centered

Bruce Springsteen’s Super Bowl commercial was exactly the message the country needed. The reaction from a polarized nation proves it. The Boss has steadfastly passed up offers (and, no doubt, bizzilions of bucks) to do commercials, so I doubt that he did a Jeep ad just because he really believes in off-road vehicles. (Though, apparently,Continue reading “The Boss is Centered”

Chuck Schumer’s Dilemma

Here’s the question posed in a headline from this morning’s New York Times: “Will Schumer Satisfy the Left?” I can answer that question. The answer is ‘no.’ From my long and painful experience with left-wing activists I can assure you that it is impossible to satisfy them. Political practicality is just not in their DNA.Continue reading “Chuck Schumer’s Dilemma”

The Dodge of the Equivalency Outrage

A typical response from my liberal friends, when I criticize some lefty over-reach, is outrage at my audacity. “You cannot be comparing that to insurrection!” they say. Well, no. Relax. I’m not comparing erasing Dianne Feinstein’s name from a San Francisco school to storming the Capitol with the intention of stopping the final confirmation ofContinue reading “The Dodge of the Equivalency Outrage”