No DH, Not Now, Not Ever

Let’s take a break from beating up on Tony Evers and Robin Vos, to lob some high hard ones at Rob Manfred. The Commissioner of Baseball (also known as The Lackey of the Owners) opined the other day on some rule changes that might come or go. The issue is an important one for theContinue reading “No DH, Not Now, Not Ever”

A Week of Evers Bashing Reviewed

We are nothing here at YSDA if not honest. Sometimes brutally so and even when the brutal honesty reflects poorly on our founder and editor (i.e., me). This past week I’ve posted three pieces in which I heavily criticize Gov. Tony Evers for signing what is, inarguably, a thoroughly Republican budget. The responses are in,Continue reading “A Week of Evers Bashing Reviewed”

Another Take on Afghanistan

I‘ve made the case that the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan, now expected to be completed in August, a month earlier than planned, is a tragic mistake for humanitarian and strategic reasons. Reader Peter Herreid has written a thoughtful piece on the opposite side of the question and I want to share it with you below.Continue reading “Another Take on Afghanistan”

The Need to Take on Vos

We can’t let Robin Vos lock in Republican majorities for another decade. That’s why Gov. Tony Evers needed to veto the budget and insist on a fair maps commission. On Monday I wrote a letter to the editor in the Wisconsin State Journal, in which I made the case that Evers should have vetoed theContinue reading “The Need to Take on Vos”

This Budget Wasn’t Bipartisan

Gov. Tony Evers called the budget he signed last week “bipartisan.” No, it wasn’t. Look, this budget was written by Speaker Robin Vos and the Republicans after they tossed Evers’ proposal out in its entirety. Not a single one of Evers’ major initiatives was included. Funding for K-12 education, the UW system, special ed andContinue reading “This Budget Wasn’t Bipartisan”