Between a Rock and Dianne Feinstein

There’s much to admire about California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, not the least of which is that she spells her name with two n’s just as my wife does. Feinstein was the first woman to serve as mayor of San Francisco and she was highly regarded in that job before being elected to the senate. There,Continue reading “Between a Rock and Dianne Feinstein”

Archetypes of the Problem

One of the reasons for our current polarization is people like Scot Ross and Dan O’Donnell. Folks like this have always been around, going back to the likes of Joe McCarthy and Huey Long up to the present with Donald Trump. They’re self-obsessed publicity seekers for whom controversy is like oxygen, so they find itContinue reading “Archetypes of the Problem”

GOP Can’t Mask Its Moral Bankruptcy

I want to be bi-partisan, but most of the time the Republicans don’t help. I had some hope for new Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu of Oostburg. In his first significant move after taking the reins from Scott Fitzgerald, who moved on to Congress, LeMaheiu engineered a sensible compromise to a COVID relief bill thatContinue reading “GOP Can’t Mask Its Moral Bankruptcy”

“Massive Cleanup Has Already Begun!”

President Joe Biden has said that he wants to lower the temperature in America. The press could help by being a little less breathless. I made the mistake, as I do too often, of watching NBC’s “Today Show” this morning. It’s an irritating way to start the day. Even the most mundane development is “BreakingContinue reading ““Massive Cleanup Has Already Begun!””

Four Parties?

On last Sunday’s Meet The Press, host Chuck Todd revealed some fascinating polling data. The electorate is equally divided between Trump Republicans, traditional Republicans, Biden Democrats and Democrats who prefer the politics of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Exactly 17% of voters picked each of those four categories. Host Chuck Todd made the point thatContinue reading “Four Parties?”

What’s a Moderate?

Moderation is the opposite of ideology. It’s flexible and solution oriented. Where an ideologue will reject a given solution because it doesn’t fit into a broader world view, a moderate will try anything that promises to work. Free markets where that looks promising, more regulation where it appears needed; tax cuts at moments when theContinue reading “What’s a Moderate?”

Goodbye, Populism

If there is anything President Joe Biden’s inaugural speech was not, it was populist. President Biden’s speech has justifiably won plaudits from across the spectrum, even including the Wall Street Journal. (It’s likely this will be the last time the Journal has much good to say about him, so drink it in while you can,Continue reading “Goodbye, Populism”

How Jim Clyburn Saved America

One thing you can say for Donald Trump: He sure knew how to unite the Democratic Party. My theory of the race in 2020 was the same as my theory for the Wisconsin governor’s race in 2018: First, do no harm. The shock and awe of Donald Trump’s surprise win in 2016 was so devastatingContinue reading “How Jim Clyburn Saved America”

Good For Her, Bad For Wisconsin

Andrea Palm got a new job and a promotion. Wisconsin is still mired in partisan gridlock. Pardon her if she shakes the dust of Wisconsin politics from her suit as she exits. Andrea Palm has resigned as Secretary of the Department of Health Services to take a job with the Biden administration as the nation’sContinue reading “Good For Her, Bad For Wisconsin”

Facts Are Real

On a campus where professors are seldom reticent to share their political views, Ken Mayer stands out for being meticulous in keeping his personal politics to himself. Mayer is a scholar who studies the American presidency and he teaches a course in that subject in the Political Science Department. He goes so far as toContinue reading “Facts Are Real”