Will McCoshen Reconsider?

Gov. Tony Evers is in trouble. In a new Marquette Law School poll fully 53% of respondents said they would vote for somebody else next November. Only 40% said they planned to vote for Evers. That, along with the drubbing Democrats took last week, amounts to grim news for the first term governor. But aContinue reading “Will McCoshen Reconsider?”

Veto the Damn Budget, Already!

Is Tony Evers too good a man to be the Governor? I write to you from our cabin in the North Woods. Since we’ve owned this place I’ve learned how to use a chain saw. I’ve learned how to distinguish a tree from the forest. So, I feel qualified to offer my Governor some advice.Continue reading “Veto the Damn Budget, Already!”

How Jim Clyburn Saved America

One thing you can say for Donald Trump: He sure knew how to unite the Democratic Party. My theory of the race in 2020 was the same as my theory for the Wisconsin governor’s race in 2018: First, do no harm. The shock and awe of Donald Trump’s surprise win in 2016 was so devastatingContinue reading “How Jim Clyburn Saved America”

Good For Her, Bad For Wisconsin

Andrea Palm got a new job and a promotion. Wisconsin is still mired in partisan gridlock. Pardon her if she shakes the dust of Wisconsin politics from her suit as she exits. Andrea Palm has resigned as Secretary of the Department of Health Services to take a job with the Biden administration as the nation’sContinue reading “Good For Her, Bad For Wisconsin”