A Tale of Two Parties

The New York Times would tell us that their city’s mayoral race will indicate the direction of the Democratic Party. Try Buffalo and Virginia instead. It appears that Eric Adams may be the next Mayor of New York. We won’t be sure for about a month because this is the city’s first election under it’sContinue reading “A Tale of Two Parties”


I have mixed feelings about comedian Bill Maher. But he got it dead right about the way the hard-left refuses to deal with the reality of progress on social issues. On the one hand, Maher almost perfectly captures my own politics: liberal, but willing to take on political correctness when it’s called for. On theContinue reading “Progressophobia”

Four Parties?

On last Sunday’s Meet The Press, host Chuck Todd revealed some fascinating polling data. The electorate is equally divided between Trump Republicans, traditional Republicans, Biden Democrats and Democrats who prefer the politics of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Exactly 17% of voters picked each of those four categories. Host Chuck Todd made the point thatContinue reading “Four Parties?”

How Jim Clyburn Saved America

One thing you can say for Donald Trump: He sure knew how to unite the Democratic Party. My theory of the race in 2020 was the same as my theory for the Wisconsin governor’s race in 2018: First, do no harm. The shock and awe of Donald Trump’s surprise win in 2016 was so devastatingContinue reading “How Jim Clyburn Saved America”