Rein In Historic Preservation

As a society we hold many values. We all want good jobs and affordable housing. Many of us want to see our cities thrive and we think that greater urban densities help restrain sprawl on the edges of cities and make urban areas more vibrant. We also want to preserve buildings and sites that areContinue reading “Rein In Historic Preservation”

Wondering About the Wonder Bar

Madison’s historic preservation movement has gone off track. Recently, a welcome new development just off John Nolen Drive that would provide much needed housing was laid on the table while neighbors fight to save the “historic” Wonder Bar building. The alleged reason? It was frequented by Chicago mobsters in the 1930s. Seriously, folks? The building,Continue reading “Wondering About the Wonder Bar”

Justice Trips Over Justice

The Madison City Council wants more affordable housing. That’s a laudable goal, but it can’t be accomplished without compromise. This week the council voted to reject, at least for now, two large projects that could add hundreds of units to the city’s housing stock. On Tuesday night the council voted down an 18-story mixed-use projectContinue reading “Justice Trips Over Justice”