Prehn Gets It Now

Fred Prehn gets it. Yesterday, the chair of Wisconsin’s Natural Resources Board was able to explain clearly why he should step aside. It’s all about politics. Prehn’s term expired on May 1st, but he has ungraciously held on to his seat anyway, claiming that state law allows him to remain until his successor is confirmedContinue reading “Prehn Gets It Now”

Apply for a Wolf License, Then Tear It Up

Note: An alert reader points out that the deadline for applying for a license was August 1st, something I should have confirmed before I posted this. I’ll leave the post as it is, since the fundamental point — the insanity of the quota selected by the NR Board — remains. I’m going to apply forContinue reading “Apply for a Wolf License, Then Tear It Up”

No Wolf Hunt This Fall

It would be irresponsible for Wisconsin to move forward with a wolf hunt this November or at any time this year or next. February’s ill-advised hunt plus poaching, car hits, and legal kills made by farmers may have reduced the population by as much as a third. That’s according to UW environmental studies professor AdrianContinue reading “No Wolf Hunt This Fall”