Evers Doubles Down on His Pardon Peril

Last night, for the first time in 20 years, a Madison police officer was shot. We’re lucky that the officer’s injuries are not life-threatening, but it’s yet another indication of the dramatic rise in shootings here and nationwide. And the Democrats sleep. Here’s more evidence that Democrats just aren’t getting how dangerous crime is —Continue reading “Evers Doubles Down on His Pardon Peril”

Scott Walker Still Runs the PSC

He’s been out of office for almost three years, but former Gov. Scott Walker is still making decisions about utilities in Wisconsin. He’s able to do that because Gov. Tony Evers has made sure of it. Last week the state’s Public Service Commission denied funding to the Village of Cambridge, in eastern Dane County, toContinue reading “Scott Walker Still Runs the PSC”

Bad Signs For Evers

Opponents of the massive power line between Iowa and Middleton, known as the Cardinal-Hickory Creek Line, have just passed the 50,000 signature mark on a petition against the project’s path through a sensitive wildlife refuge. All those signers are a bad sign for Gov. Tony Evers, who appears to support the line. Driftless Defenders is organizingContinue reading “Bad Signs For Evers”

Evers Does Right Thing at Wrong Time

Yesterday Gov. Tony Evers announced that he would pardon 71 more people. It was absolutely the right thing to do and absolutely the wrong time to do it. Evers is now on track to pardon more people than any other governor in Wisconsin history. That makes sense since his predecessor, Scott Walker, issued no pardonsContinue reading “Evers Does Right Thing at Wrong Time”

Moderate Doesn’t Mean Weak

I have been getting leaned on a bit by some of the Democratic Party elders. Their subtle, nuanced message amounts to: lay the hell off Tony Evers, you asshole. This has caused me to reflect on what it means to be a moderate. First, a quick recap. I was so unhappy with Gov. Evers’ decisionContinue reading “Moderate Doesn’t Mean Weak”

A Week of Evers Bashing Reviewed

We are nothing here at YSDA if not honest. Sometimes brutally so and even when the brutal honesty reflects poorly on our founder and editor (i.e., me). This past week I’ve posted three pieces in which I heavily criticize Gov. Tony Evers for signing what is, inarguably, a thoroughly Republican budget. The responses are in,Continue reading “A Week of Evers Bashing Reviewed”

The Need to Take on Vos

We can’t let Robin Vos lock in Republican majorities for another decade. That’s why Gov. Tony Evers needed to veto the budget and insist on a fair maps commission. On Monday I wrote a letter to the editor in the Wisconsin State Journal, in which I made the case that Evers should have vetoed theContinue reading “The Need to Take on Vos”

Dems Need Alternative to Evers

Democrats deserve a choice. Do they want to nominate Tony Evers again and, at best, get four more years of wishy-washy or do they want to take a chance on actually making a difference? Tony Evers is the Stockholm Syndrome Democrat. For the second time in two chances he signed a Republican budget that bearsContinue reading “Dems Need Alternative to Evers”