It’s Time to Drop the Masks, Madison

I am the furthest thing from a COVID denier, but continued mask wearing in Madison is just another form of liberal virtue signaling. I split my time between our place in the North Woods and our condo on the Near West Side. For virtually all of the pandemic I was frustrated with my Upper PeninsulaContinue reading “It’s Time to Drop the Masks, Madison”

GOP Can’t Mask Its Moral Bankruptcy

I want to be bi-partisan, but most of the time the Republicans don’t help. I had some hope for new Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu of Oostburg. In his first significant move after taking the reins from Scott Fitzgerald, who moved on to Congress, LeMaheiu engineered a sensible compromise to a COVID relief bill thatContinue reading “GOP Can’t Mask Its Moral Bankruptcy”