Mostly Peaceful

Well, you could have seen that coming a mile away.

As soon as Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave Fox “News” showman Tucker Carlson exclusive access to January 6th footage you knew that Tucker would tuck into that and show film of people walking. People walk. Assassins walk to their sniper’s nests. Mass shooters walk into schools. Carlson walks into his studio before he sits down and does as much damage as possible to American democracy.

And with cameras everywhere these days you can get lots and lots of shots of people walking. What’s important is what they do when they get to their destination. Carlson’s point is that the Insurrection was “mostly peaceful.” Well, I guess if you count breaking and entering with the intent of stealing a free and fair election mostly peaceful, it was.

Consider this. Say you drive 10,000 miles a year and for 9,900 of those miles you drive totally sober. But for 100 miles you drove drunk and while you were under the influence you crashed into a minivan and killed a family. Is the judge supposed to credit you for your 99% clean driving record?

How many more deals has McCarthy made with the devil?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what my conservative readers are going to say. When Black Lives Matter protests turned violent much of the media did put it in the context of “mostly peaceful protests” while they didn’t do the same with the MAGA protests. They were wrong to have done that. But, on the other hand, you can’t compare busting into the Capitol armed to the teeth with the intent of attacking, if not killing, the Vice President of the United States and other officials, attacking police officers and taking actions that resulted in five deaths with what BLM protestors did.

Both BLM and MAGA protests were “mostly peaceful.” But when you compare the times when they weren’t the MAGA violence was much worse.

McCarthy apparently turned over the tapes to Carlson as part of a deal he made with the unhinged wing of his caucus to buy him the speaker’s gavel. I can’t wait to see what else he’s promised.

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Madison/Upper Peninsula based writer. Mayor of Madison, WI from 2003 to 2011.

15 thoughts on “Mostly Peaceful

  1. It’s absolutely incredible and such an insult to the police officers and everyone that was in the capitol that day that endured the mob. People were injured and died! That’s not fiction. I was glad to hear Mitch McConnell say he sided with the chief of police on his characterization of the day. I mean, did Tucker watch any of the police testimony? Or the January 6 committee hearings? Did any of his “followers”? I can’t wrap my head around what he or McCarthy are doing. But you got it right when you say he is doing a great deal of damage to our democracy. I actually thought as I listened to the coverage today: hasn’t Fox learned anything about truth telling from all the suits they are in right now?

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    1. The coverage of what Fox personalities were saying behind the scenes reveals that they didn’t believe what they were saying on the air. They’re doing this for ratings pure and simple.


      1. Too bad their audience doesn’t realize they are peddling in fiction. No better than the National Enquirer. If McCarthy really wanted the truth to get out there, he’d have released all that footage to all of the media outlets.


      2. Paul, I just don’t think there’s any question about this. Nobody in BLM broke into the Capitol. Nobody in BLM did so with the intent of overthrowing an election. Nobody in BLM made a credible threat on the life of the Vice President, the Speaker of the House and others. There was violence in some of the BLM protests. I’ve been vocal in my condemnation of that from the start. I also agree that some of the media has not been as fair about this as they should have been, which I said in my post. But you simply can’t look at the Insurrection and say it’s no worse than anything that the BLM protesters did.


      3. “Nobody in BLM broke into the Capitol. Nobody in BLM did so with the intent of overthrowing an election. Nobody in BLM made a credible threat on the life of the Vice President, the Speaker of the House and others.”


        “There was violence in some of the BLM protests.”

        Masterfully understated.

        “I just don’t think there’s any question about this.”

        Fair enough; but anyone making that statement should compare the deaths, injuries, arson, looting, mayhem, deliberate destruction, insured/uninsured property losses, people’s lives/livelihoods irrevocably disrupted between J-6 and the fiery but mostly peaceful protests.

        Surely you could make your case from there because the numbers would clear things up, right?


      1. Paul, Please do your own homework. Did you watch the officers who responded to the attack testify about it? It was aired live on every major media outlet. One officer died and are you saying that the civilian’s life didn’t matter either? What those officers endured, the injuries, the trauma, the people who feared for their lives inside the buildings and the damage to the building was just beyond horrible. To minimize it, or try to say that it’s somehow forgivable as compared to something else, is just wrong. On it’s own, compared to nothing else: it was horrible.


      2. “are you saying that the civilian’s life didn’t matter either?”

        No, I didn’t say, or even remotely imply that.

        “To minimize it, or try to say that it’s somehow forgivable as compared to something else, is just wrong.”

        Please show where I minimized it or indicated it was forgivable, or supply an appropriately contrite apology for suggesting otherwise

        And I’ve done my homework: I read the ME’s autopsy report for USCP Officer Sicknick, (who died January 7th) AND the ME’s autopsy report for the only person who died that day (a white female citizen murdered by a black LEO); have you?

        You’re trying to inflate this “body count” thing and are upset that the facts aren’t cooperating.


  2. I am fascinated that Carlson chose the ‘QAnon Shaman’, the wackadoodle, to highlight and defend. This is the guy who, when presented with the evidence against him, pleaded guilty.


  3. It’s kinda hard to believe that Tucker’s scam is really fooling ANYbody, but I suppose there are (unfortunately) millions of our fellow citizens who still take whatever runs on Fox as gospel. That number has GOTTA be shrinking, though. Isn’t it? Please??


  4. The ‘QAnon shaman’ was the lede for the ‘insurrection’ story, over and over and over again. The tape shows him being escorted by the Capitol Police around the Capitol. It’s unambiguous. He ain’t just walking around.

    You know your viewpoint is weak when you need to exaggerate to make your point; the weaker the argument, the greater the exaggeration. ‘Armed to the teeth’ is a frequently used expression. What were the rioters armed with? Machine guns? RPGs? Automatic weapons? Semi-automatic weapons? How about bombs? Maybe molotov cocktails? How about razor sharp machetes? Box cutters? The biggest story was of a 72 year old man with a gun and molotov cocktail components in his truck a half mile away from the scene. 12 people were charged with gun-related charges that day. Armed to the teeth? Hardly.

    Comparing J6 to BLM riots with J6 clearly the worst – how many cities are like Madison? Our downtown still hasn’t recovered from the rioting.

    As usual, there is likely way more to this story then what we have been told.


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