Trend is Tough for Evers

Heading back to the Emerald City from the North Woods a little later so I’ll keep this one brief.

I started thinking about this yesterday on the way to the dump. I had to go back 32 years for the last time that a Wisconsin governor defied the mid-term curse. Traditionally the party that controls the White House loses seats in Congress, and usually statehouses as well, in the election that takes place in the middle of the president’s term.

Then I started thinking back.

In 2018 Evers (D) won while Trump (R) was president.

In 2014 Walker (R) won while Obama (D) was president.

In 2010 Walker (R) won while Obama (D) was president.

In 2006 Doyle (D) won while Bush (R) was president.

In 2002 Doyle (D) won while Bush (R) was president.

In 1998 Thompson (R) won while Clinton (D) was president.

In 1994 Thompson (R) won while Clinton (D) was president.

Finally, back in 1990 we have Tommy Thompson. a Republican winning in the same year that George Bush, also a Republican, was the president. And, of course, Tommy turned out to be the longest serving chief executive in the state’s history.

Tommy Thompson was the last Wisconsin governor to win an election when the president was a member of his party.

I’m not saying history must be destiny. Right now Evers is the most popular politician in the state, albeit with an approval rating hovering around 50%. And it’s starting to look like his opponent might end up being businessman Tim Michels, who just got Donald Trump’s endorsement, which could be an albatross in November. And if Roe v. Wade is overturned Evers could be the only thing standing between Wisconsin women and a ban on abortion, assuming the existing 1848 anti-abortion law gets mired up in litigation.

Still, the trend lines are not promising.

With that happy thought I’ve gotta pack up, gas up (yowza!) and hit the road.


Published by dave cieslewicz

Madison/Upper Peninsula based writer. Mayor of Madison, WI from 2003 to 2011.

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