Dems Keep Missing the Point

One thing the party in the majority can do, if not actually pass legislation, is to control the agenda, begin the conversation. For the last several months Democrats have been talking about topics that aren’t top of mind for most voters.

The two topics Democrats want to talk about are voting rights and their Build Back Better bill. Both pieces of legislation are so packed with liberal wish list items that most voters don’t really know what’s in them — a big messaging problem in itself. But the overall impression provided is that the voting rights bills will make it easier for people, especially people of color, to vote while BBB will create a lot of new social spending and fight climate change.

If you parse those things out and poll on individual items in the bills they look popular. But here’s the problem. If you ask people an open-ended question about what’s important to them they don’t mention any of these things, save climate change and health care which are elements of BBB.

According to a poll taken in November here are the top ten issues for voters:

Economy & Jobs28%
Health Care18%
National Debt15%
Terrorism & National Security14%
Climate Change14%
Ethics in Government11%

Voting rights didn’t show up at all nor did child care, paid family leave or many of the other things stuffed into Build Back Better. So, in one sense, the apparent defeat of those bills doesn’t hurt that much since they weren’t priorities for most voters in the first place. The problem is that because Democrats have spent so many months fighting (amongst themselves) for them they’ve created the impression that the party’s concerns don’t line up with the worries of most average Americans.

It gets somewhat worse. Items important to liberal activists did make the list, but they polled very low: Race relations (9%), Guns (8%), Income inequality (7%), Women’s rights (6%) and Police reform (5%).

But if you’re a conservative and you’re cheering right now, I’d hold those applause if I were you. Here’s how some of your camp’s priorities fared: Abortion (6%), School safety (5%), Civil disorder (4%) and Political correctness (4%).

But it’s the party in power that gets the credit or blame for what’s going on, whether or not they had much to do with it. For example, inflation isn’t on the list, probably because it was just gathering steam when the poll was taken last fall. But it would almost certainly join jobs and the economy right now. Yet, there’s not all that much Biden and his party can do about it.

Still, Democrats would be smart to start talking about issues Americans care about. Voting rights and most of Build Back Better aren’t among them.

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Published by dave cieslewicz

Madison/Upper Peninsula based writer. Mayor of Madison, WI from 2003 to 2011.

2 thoughts on “Dems Keep Missing the Point

  1. Thank you for the post Dave. Let’s examine the top 3 a bit:

    Covid – Dems solution: Get jabbed or else. What might ‘or else’ be? Let’s start with John Roach’s most recent screed:
    Refusal of medical care, creation of concentration camps and requiring the unjabbed to get marked. Any of these sound familiar to anyone?
    Or how about an article in The Atlantic:
    Human sacrifice?
    Goebbels would be proud.

    Economy and Jobs – see the two articles above. The Dems solution is more of the same – you can be asymptomatic, but test positive, and require quarantining, or have to care for your kids who were sent home because someone tested positive in their class. Either way you’re out pay. Dems also have no issue with the massive wealth transfer that has occurred since the covid panic began.

    Immigration – Dems solution? Open the flood gates.

    Hopefully sanity prevails and the Dems go down in flames.

    (Previously noted – I am trans-partisan. Neither party represents the common person. The Republicans, with very notable exceptions, are the bulwark against insanity, however strange I might have thought that before.)


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