Should Rodgers Be MVP?

Aaron Rodgers will almost certainly win most valuable player honors in the NFL again this season. He will win, but should he?

That question was raised by one the 50 sports writers who will vote on that decision at season’s end. Hub Arkush called Rodgers “the biggest jerk in the league” and vowed not to vote for him because of his lying about being vaccinated and then going on to spread misinformation about same.

I’m not so sure about Biggest Jerk in the League (BJL) recognition. For the 2021 season it seems to me that one goes to Jon Gruden, hands down. But Arkush has a point about conferring MVP honors on a guy who has done as much damage as Rodgers has on a major public health issue.

Hub Arkush

Look, you can’t have it both ways. Rodgers clearly loves his celebrity status. Fine, but with that then comes some responsibility to the public. Like it or not, he’s an influential public figure, a posture he embraces. So, when he blathers on about all kinds of nonsensical “immunization” therapies as opposed to, oh I don’t know, vaccines that are overwhelmingly safe and effective, that carries some weight with some people. Don’t you think that if Rodgers had done the opposite — gotten vaxed early on in front of the cameras and cut some PSA’s urging people to get poked — he would have been responsible for tens of thousands of Wisconsinites deciding to follow his lead? Don’t you think that would have saved a few lives?

Wisconsin’s vaccination rate for fully vaccinated adults is 62%, just below the national average but a good deal lower than Minnesota (Vikings fans) and Illinois (Bears fans) and in Rodgers’ home state of California. He could have used his popularity to help the cause of public health and safety, but he did just the opposite. That’s no small matter.

At his weekly presser the other day, Rodgers said he doesn’t care about Arkush. “He’s a bum and I’m not going to spend any of my time worrying about that stuff,” Rodgers said before spending many more minutes going on about Arkush.

But here’s Arkush’s reasoning as expressed on a radio show last week: “Has he been the most valuable on the field? Yeah, you could make that argument, but I don’t think he is clearly that much more valuable than (Indianapolis running back) Jonathan Taylor or (Los Angeles Rams receiver) Cooper Kupp or maybe even Tom Brady. So from where I sit, the rest of it is why he’s not going to be my choice.”

When you’ve got at least three players who have earned MVP honors and one has disgraced himself off the field, why not just pick one of the others?

That’s a tough question to answer.

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3 thoughts on “Should Rodgers Be MVP?

  1. Arkush also said he knew BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED that he wasn’t going to vote for Rodgers, well before Rodgers infamous ‘I’m immunized’ statement. Arkush bleeds Midnight Blue and Orange for his Chicago Bears. Should Rodgers win the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award? No. MVP? He should and he will.


  2. “disgraced himself off the field”?

    You likely have reasons for posting that, which reason knows nothing of…

    And (IMO) it’s almost as much of a crock as putting 1/6 in the same conversation as 9-11 or Pearl Harbor Day.

    The award is given for PERFORMANCE_ON_THE_FIELD, not for how WOKE you are.

    Everyone in the 13 Time World Champion Green Bay Packer organization knew Rodgers’ vaccination status.

    Arkush has been roundly and justifiably excoriated for his stridence; he’ll probably be stripped of his MVP voting privileges.

    GOOD! Someone who allows their ideological or personal biases to pollute their impartiality has no business participating in an objective selection process.

    The cautionary tale of the Nobel Selection Committee awarding Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize mere days after his inauguration deserves mention.

    The monumental irony of his administration subsequently being the only one to preside over eight (8) years of UNINTERRUPTED WAR? Priceless!

    To answer your question Should Rodgers Be MVP:

    Short Answer: Yes

    Long Answer: HELL YES!


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