An Open Email to Matt LaFleur

Hey, Matt.

Congratulations on securing the top seed in the playoffs, man!

Just want you to know that I was confident all along. That stuff you may have seen on social media after that opening game bummer against the Saints? That was just me blowing off steam! Plus, I saw the team needed some motivation. And it sure looks like I provided it!

I’m sure you don’t remember it, but you may also have seen some stuff I wrote back when you were hired. Ya know, “who’s this kid-coach?” And, “how can pro players respect a guy who looks like their kid brother?” That sort of thing. Again, here, as I’m sure you can appreciate, I was being motivational. And you sure have stepped up to the challenge! Best first three seasons of any coach in NFL history! Just as I predicted — quietly to close friends behind the scenes, so as not to jinx anything.

Okay. So, here’s the thing. You know I’ve been an owner since 1997. Since joining the ownership group a quarter century ago, the club’s done well. We’ve won 13 division championships and a Super Bowl. If I played any small role in that, well, I’m humbled. It’s really about the guys on the field and the coaches and our great fans. I’m just honored to be part of it all.

Matt LaFleur has the best record in his first three seasons of any coach in NFL history. He was hired in 2019 with the support of the ownership group (of which Dave is a member).

Anywho, as an owner, I haven’t been one to push my weight around. That’s just not my style. I was very careful not to micromanage Mike when he had your job. I limited myself to one or two emails a season. By the way, I kept a collection of the plays I drew up for him, so if you ever want to have a look at those you just let me know. I think I noticed some of my inspiration behind a few of Mike’s schemes, but I never wanted to bother him to ask about it.

So, I should get to the point because you’re a busy guy. And I’m sure you’ve been hearing from some of the junior owners who bought in in 2011 and, God help us, just this month with the latest stock offering. (I honestly wish we wouldn’t water down the gene pool with these new owners, but I guess it is what it is. At least we won’t have to deal with Jerry Jones!)

Yeah, so, my point is about Aaron. Now, here too, you may have seen some of my motivational posts about trading “his ass” after his comments about wanting to leave the team last summer and then again after “immunization-gate” a few weeks ago. Again here, I don’t want to make too much of this, but the record shows that after my Tweets, Aaron had one of his best seasons ever. I’m not saying “tough love” exactly, but it’s kind of like that.

Well, back to my point. I know Aaron wants to play next Sunday against the Lions, but it’s just my advice as an owner (and, well, technically your boss, I guess) that you hold him out. He’s gotta rest that pinkie toe, and why risk another injury? Against the lowly Lions? For what? I don’t know any of Detroit’s ownership group, but that’s gotta be the saddest shareholders meeting anywhere!

Plus, it’ll give Jordon some love, if you know what I mean. The guy needs to build up his confidence after that outing against the Chiefs. Here again, more motivational Tweets from me after that one. If these turn out anything like my previous efforts, look for this guy to be All Pro whenever Aaron does decide to hang it up!

Well, that’s all I’ve got. I just want you to know — and I think I can speak for all of us on the ownership side — that we’re proud of what you and the team have accomplished in the face of a lot of adversity this year.

And, hey, just a heads up. If you guys do go belly-up in the playoffs like you did last year, you’ll probably see some more motivational Tweets from me about a coaching change. Don’t worry about it too much. That’s just my management style. I guess you could say it’s worked pretty well so far.

Yours on Behalf of the Ownership Group,


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