Flynn’s a Traitor

There was so much wrong with Donald Trump and his administration that it was hard to get your head around it. But Michael Flynn has brought it all into stark relief: he’s a traitor and he’s a fool, just like his old boss.

I would say that it was a strategy if I thought the guy had half a brain. But I think Trump had a natural talent for chaos that he didn’t have to think about. He just did so many stupid, bizarre and dangerous things in such rapid succession that, after awhile, we became numb to it. Any one of these things, done by a normal politician, would have been cause for the destruction of his political career, if not immediate removal from office. But Trump was a tsunami of corruption and incompetence. It overwhelmed the system. The circuits blew up.

So, Flynn has, in a bizarre way, done us a favor by reminding us just how morally bankrupt and without redeeming value Trump and his cronies were. According to CNN, at an event in Dallas this week, Flynn had this exchange with an audience member.

“I want to know why what happened in Minamar (sic)can’t happen here?” the audience member, who identified himself as a Marine, asked Flynn.

“No reason, I mean, it should happen here. No reason. That’s right,” Flynn responded.

Just to be clear, what happened in Myanmar on February 1st was a military coup that took out a legally elected government. Since then, the military has killed over 700 protesters and political opponents. That’s what Flynn was saying “should happen here.”

Michael Flynn. Lock him up.

And Flynn was a general in the United States Army. He was, briefly, Trump’s choice to be National Security Advisor. He was convicted of lying to a special prosecutor. Trump pardoned him.

And this is the same guy who led “Lock her up!” chants against Hilary Clinton at Trump’s rallies in 2016.

After his comments in Dallas, Flynn tried to back peddle. “Let me be VERY CLEAR – There is NO reason whatsoever for any coup in America, and I do not and have not at any time called for any action of that sort,” a message on Flynn’s social media page said.

Sorry, pal, too late. Flynn has had a history of being just bat-shit crazy, which in itself, isn’t a crime. But this isn’t just some guy on his third manhattan at the end of the bar. This is a man who was at the very top of those charged with the defense of the United States of America.

The Army says that, since Flynn is retired, they won’t take any action against him.

Maybe that’s the appropriate thing to do. Don’t add any fuel to the nut-job fires. But, let’s just be clear. Donald Trump was the very worst President this nation has ever endured. If you have any doubt, just take a look at the man he chose to advise him on national security and who he later pardoned for his lies under oath.

Michael Flynn is a disgrace to himself and, if it were possible, he would further disgrace Donald Trump. Lock ’em both up.


Published by dave cieslewicz

Madison/Upper Peninsula based writer. Mayor of Madison, WI from 2003 to 2011.

One thought on “Flynn’s a Traitor

  1. If Flynn said that, I generally agree with you about him.

    But I am dying to ask, how do you define ‘very worst President’?


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