Georgia On Our Minds

We need to lower the temperature on rhetoric about voting. One side falsely claims wide spread voter fraud while the other charges that some election law changes are, “the new Jim Crow.” Neither accusation holds up under scrutiny. To hear Democrats tell it, the bill recently enacted in Georgia to change some voting rules isContinue reading “Georgia On Our Minds”

Bipartisanship Is a Two-Way Street

Congressional Republicans seem determined not to give Pres. Joe Biden support for his proposals. By Spencer Black On the dance floor, it takes two to tango. And in Washington, D.C., it takes two to be bipartisan. Despite President Biden’s invitation, congressional Republicans won’t dance. Unlike Republican politicians in D.C., Americans are joining together in aContinue reading “Bipartisanship Is a Two-Way Street”

Bernie Sanders: Incrementalist

What’s come over Bernie Sanders? He just wants to make progress. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is pushing, not for Medicare for All, but for Medicare for More. He’s championing legislation, which could be introduced in April, to lower the eligibility age for Medicare from 65 to 60, to expand coverage to things like hearing aids,Continue reading “Bernie Sanders: Incrementalist”