Picking Around the Edges of the Covid Bill

All the attention right now is on some relatively minor adjustments leveraged by a few moderate Democrats. The changes are actually pretty insignificant. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) is, as I have written many times since Democrats took back the Senate by the narrowest of margins, the second most powerful man in America right now.Continue reading “Picking Around the Edges of the Covid Bill”

Bewley Says Voters Are Stupid, And That Was Really Dumb

Liberal Democrats have long had a problem with condescension. If you don’t agree with them, well, you’re just not understanding your own best interests. You really should just leave decisions about your life to those smart people in the Democratic Party. Comments made yesterday by state Sen. Janet Bewley and Congressman Mark Pocan underscore theContinue reading “Bewley Says Voters Are Stupid, And That Was Really Dumb”

Why Doesn’t GOP Want a Fair Fight?

Right now the Republican Party comes off like a bunch of arsonists demanding stronger fire codes. After spending months sewing doubt about what, by all accounts, was a free and fair election, the party is proposing “reforms” designed to fix the problems that exist only in the imaginations of unhinged conspiracy theorists. Don’t let theContinue reading “Why Doesn’t GOP Want a Fair Fight?”

WI’s Wolf Hunt Travesty

I am a Wisconsin hunter and I am embarrassed and disgusted at what took place in my state last week with a rushed and ill-considered wolf hunt. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s outdoor writer, Paul Smith, has written an excellent account of the history that got us to this point. But “this point” is carnage thatContinue reading “WI’s Wolf Hunt Travesty”

Hold the Culture Wars, Please

Two stories from this morning’s local paper illustrate the just plain silliness of the culture wars. First, a Republican state senator has introduced a bill that would require that the national anthem be played before any sporting event that takes place in a venue supported by tax dollars. Never mind that nobody is talking aboutContinue reading “Hold the Culture Wars, Please”

Bipartisan Push For Moderation

A bipartisan group of Wisconsin legislators has introduced a proposal to push both parties toward moderation. It’s a good start. It’s no accident that two of the ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump were from Washington State. Washington is one of a few states that has reformed its primary system in aContinue reading “Bipartisan Push For Moderation”