Reconsidering Breyer

When presented with the opportunity to make a sophomoric point and a serious one, I alway like to begin with the juvenile. Have you ever noticed the resemblance between Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and Mr. Burns? Uncanny. Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s take up this issue of Breyer’s retirement —Continue reading “Reconsidering Breyer”

Moderate Doesn’t Mean Weak

I have been getting leaned on a bit by some of the Democratic Party elders. Their subtle, nuanced message amounts to: lay the hell off Tony Evers, you asshole. This has caused me to reflect on what it means to be a moderate. First, a quick recap. I was so unhappy with Gov. Evers’ decisionContinue reading “Moderate Doesn’t Mean Weak”

BRT Gets Madisoned

Do we really have to be all “Madison” about this, people?  The city is on the verge of doing something historic. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will be the biggest improvement in urban mobility in these parts in at least a couple of generations. The high comfort, high frequency, limited-stop system will compete well versus carContinue reading “BRT Gets Madisoned”

Barnes’ Gets Third Degree Over His Degree

What do Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, Winston Churchill, Brad Pitt, Ellen DeGeneres and George Clooney all have in common? None of them completed a four year college degree. And, ya know what, they turned out alright anyway. I mention this now becauseContinue reading “Barnes’ Gets Third Degree Over His Degree”

Make Wright House Part of Museum Campus

The City of Madison is on the verge of doing something dumb with an historic Frank Lloyd Wright house in the middle of downtown. The building’s owner has a better idea. I’ve got still another thought. In an excellent Sunday story, veteran Wisconsin State Journal city hall reporter Dean Mosiman laid out the dilemma. TheContinue reading “Make Wright House Part of Museum Campus”

No DH, Not Now, Not Ever

Let’s take a break from beating up on Tony Evers and Robin Vos, to lob some high hard ones at Rob Manfred. The Commissioner of Baseball (also known as The Lackey of the Owners) opined the other day on some rule changes that might come or go. The issue is an important one for theContinue reading “No DH, Not Now, Not Ever”

A Week of Evers Bashing Reviewed

We are nothing here at YSDA if not honest. Sometimes brutally so and even when the brutal honesty reflects poorly on our founder and editor (i.e., me). This past week I’ve posted three pieces in which I heavily criticize Gov. Tony Evers for signing what is, inarguably, a thoroughly Republican budget. The responses are in,Continue reading “A Week of Evers Bashing Reviewed”

The Need to Take on Vos

We can’t let Robin Vos lock in Republican majorities for another decade. That’s why Gov. Tony Evers needed to veto the budget and insist on a fair maps commission. On Monday I wrote a letter to the editor in the Wisconsin State Journal, in which I made the case that Evers should have vetoed theContinue reading “The Need to Take on Vos”